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Global Grant

The Rotary Club of  Ventura, California and the Rotary Club of Livingstone, Zambia have teamed up to create a global grant initiative. The grant application details where the monies will be spent for this project. The funds will be distributed over
a three-year period.

Individuals, Rotary clubs and Rotary districts can support this project. Any funds that are given by an individual and/or a Rotary Club will be matched 50% by the Rotary Foundation. Any funds that are given by a Rotary district will be matched 100% by the Rotary Foundation.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the grant. We encourage you to review and email us with any questions.


+ Where can I review the global grant application?

You can review the draft application at the Grants Center on the web site. The global grant number is: 1866010.

+ What is the total budget?

The total budget is $141,812. Only a portion of these funds will need to be raised by Rotary clubs and private donors. At that point, The Rotary Foundation will allocate additional matching funds, which will be dispersed over the 3-year span.

+ Who will be responsible for the management of the funds?

The Rotary Club of Livingstone has formed a committee to manage all aspects of this project. The committee will consist of:

  1. A project leader who will be responsible for the overall execution of the project. The project leader will coordinate with other committee members, liaison with personnel of The Grace Centre, and be the lead person in interacting with members of Rotary International.

  2. A project administrator who will be responsible for all documentation and record keeping.

  3. A project manager who will be managing the purchase and delivery of all restaurant, catering, and computer goods. The project manager will also make bi-monthly visits to The Grace Centre to assure that all equipment is well-maintained.

  4. A project financial officer who will assure that the funds are managed and distributed as agreed to by the terms of the global grant.

+ How will The Grace Centre be self-sufficient?

The expectation is that both the restaurant/catering and the tailoring operations will be revenue producers. These revenues will be used to train more girls, to allow more girls to receive their secondary diploma, and to expand the job placement efforts. In addition, the Livingstone community leaders supporting this project have strong ties with large local donors, who have expressed interest in providing ongoing funding for the The Grace Centre once it is a reality.

+ What kind of goods will be produced at The Grace Centre?

The tailoring school at the center is already producing school uniforms for the local community. Additionally, The Grace Centre staff are negotiating with the Board of Education to be the preferred vendor for all school uniforms. The long-term plan is for The Grace Centre to house a clothing design/manufacturing studio that will provide specialty clothing for women in Livingstone and in the nearby country of Botswana.

+ How can we be sure that the graduates will gain employment?

There is a lack of skilled workers in the area, and tourism is growing rapidly. Graduates of The Grace Centre can find employment at local tourist establishments. In addition, girls who receive their secondary school diploma in addition to training at The Grace Centre will be eligible for employment in local government offices, in a new hospital nearing completion, and in restaurant services and management.

+ What clubs are currently contributing to the grant?

The request for funding started in January 2018, and 14 clubs have made firm commitments. An additional 10 clubs have made tentative commitments.