Violence and sexual abuse of girls in Zambia is widespread. When cases of sexual abuse are known to authorities, there is sometimes a need to remove children from their homes until the offender is convicted in court, and a suitable shelter with other family members can be found. Dani’s home was created to provide immediate shelter, and to help girls who reside there heal both physically and emotionally.


The Objectives of Dani’s Home

 Identify girls who are sexually abused.

Establish the facts with the help of the Victim Support Unit,
the Department of Social Welfare, and other credible
organizations. When necessary,transfer guardianship
to Lushomo Trust for the child’s protection.

Move girls in need of protection from their current homes into residential care.
Meet the child’s needs by providing a nurturing home environment, proper medical
care, nutritious food, physical activity, and mental counseling.

 Provide education and skills training to build self-esteem,
and to help girls develop a means of self-support.

Work with the girls’ relatives to help identify a potential safe home environment;
whenever possible, reintegrate girls back into the community.